The Company

Our Founding

Quick Disinfecting Force, LLC was founded as a member-managed Texas Limited Lability Company in September 2020.  The founders are Veterans that met while serving in a strategic intelligence unit in the US Army Reserves.  Their bond extended beyond the camaraderie that comes with military service.  They found out they all share a strong entrepreneurial spirit, as well as a desire to provide a service that protects their communities.

Our Mission

To provide a healthier environment in the businesses, residences, and transportation where viruses and bacteria have no chance of effecting our most vulnerable Americans.

Our Vision

We want to ultimately become an industry leader in United States within the next decade.  With that said, we are striving to become an industry leader within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex within the next year.  After the next year, we are aiming to be an industry leader within the State of Texas.   

Our Values

Our values are built on our big five:  Collaborative Environment, Customer Focused, Lifelong Learning, Results Driven, and Uncompromisable Integrity.  Our company does not operate in a bureaucratic vacuum and requires 360-degree collaboration to succeed.  Our customers are entitled to first class service to address all of their needs, and without them, we are not a business.  Constant personal and professional growth requires lifelong learning.  We are a meritocracy and reward those that achieve results and drive growth.  In everything that we do, we do so with uncompromisable integrity so that our employees, vendors, and customers have trust that we will treat them with the upmost respect by doing everything the right way. 

The Leadership Team

Jonathan Pruitt


Mr. Pruitt served 15 years combined between the United States Army and United States Army Reserve.  He spent 12 months deployed to Iraq and 19 months deployed to Afghanistan.  He has supported both conventional and special operations forces during counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism missions.  In addition to his tactical level experience, he has also served at the strategic and national levels.

Outside of his military experience, he worked at a scientific and technical consulting company.  He provided a United States intelligence agency with policy analysis, planning development, program management, and training support for data science.  Prior to his role at Quick Disinfecting Force, he was Vice President for one of the United States’ largest financial institution.  He was in charge of managing the Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering Compliance for multinational corporations and life science commercial banking clients.

Mr. Pruitt holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in International Relations from the American Military University.

Crockett Oaks


Mr. Oaks is an experienced business operations and project management professional. In his most recent role as an Acquisition Manager, Mr. Oaks was responsible for evolving program needs into a fully defined, on-contract project with the United States Government (USG), providing oversight and acquisition strategy to new proposal efforts, and influencing the entire acquisition life cycle from pre-coordination with the USG, developing proposals, to supporting negotiations with the customer through having a deep technical understanding of the project. Previously, Mr. Oaks served as a Contracts Negotiator where he was responsible for identifying and autonomously preparing request for modifications to USG and Direct Commercial Sale contracts, leading follow-on and new business pursuits through proposal preparation, risk identification and mitigation, and customer negotiations, as well as ensuring contractual compliance with defense industry standards. Through his defense industry experience, Mr. Oaks has developed a customer-oriented mindset and the keen ability to match customer needs with product offerings, while cultivating mutually beneficial business relationships.

In addition to his defense industry experience, Mr. Oaks also served as a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve as an All-Source Intelligence Analyst; In May 2020 he received an honorable discharge. As an Intelligence Analyst, Mr. Oaks provided analysis and technical expertise in support of USG Classified Clients, maintained the health, morale, welfare, and training of all assigned soldiers, and served as the Security Manager in charge of the unit’s security clearance administration. In prior roles he served as an infantry officer in the Texas Army National Guard where he developed and employed new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) regarding small-unit tactics and furthered the effectiveness of his unit through repetitive training and supervision. His military experience has made him an adaptable and goal-oriented leader.

Mr. Oaks holds an Associate of Business Administration from Valley Forge Military Academy and College, a Bachelor of Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation degree from Baylor University, and a Master of Science in Management from Southern Methodist University. In addition, Mr. Oaks has earned his Master Certificate in Six Sigma and his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Villanova University in November of 2017. Mr. Oaks is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Management at Southern Methodist University’s Lyle School of Engineering with an anticipated graduation of December 2020.

Mr. Oaks’ experience coupled with his education have equipped him with the wherewithal to lead the Treasury department for Quick Disinfecting Force, LLC.

Jose Roldan


Mr. Roldan operates a successful veteran owned business in the DFW metroplex, JR General Contracting, LLC was formed in 2018 performing several handyman and maintenance services and later grew to operating a small fleet of commercial dump trucks. Currently serving in the U.S. Army Reserves as an Intelligence Analyst with his comrades above since 2017 but enlisted in the Active duty sector of the U.S. Army in 2010 as an Engineer. After participating in missions in Afghanistan, Germany, Kuwait, and several stations within the United States his Wife of 10 years had enough and was ready to pursue her career in international business administration and Mr. Roldan was decided to support his wife in her journey and pursue his role as a father. Mr. Roldan’s values of mission first, people always has helped him become successful in his investments from businesses and real estate to his network and family.