Quick Disinfecting Force, LLC is pleased to announce that it joined the McKinney Chamber of Commerce.  We believe it will be a mutually beneficial partnership in these difficult times.  Quick Disinfecting Force, LLC provides a fast, effective, and valuable disinfecting service to individuals and businesses.  This serves two core objectives for our company.   Keep our community safe and healthy and contribute to a growing McKinney economy. 

The McKinney Chamber of Commerce will help us in many ways.  First, they will connect us with other businesses in McKinney.  Second, they will help us growth within the community.  The chamber’s mission and vision are well aligned with our own.  They have a vested interest in seeing us grow.  2020 has been unpredictable for many local economies and businesses.  We are here to help bring back some stability through a service that is affordable to all business types and sizes.